How It Ends: a quick movie review

Netflix advertised to me, as it knows I love a good “end of the world” film, its new film How It Ends. It came out Friday, and I watched it Saturday morning.

I like the premise: a boyfriend is separated from his girlfriend when a disaster strikes their home, and he must go save her with his girlfriend’s dad, who is offering him side-eye at every turn because he doesn’t trust the man who loves his daughter.


The actors are good. I don’t particularly like watching Forest Whitaker, but he’s good. And Theo James is still Four in my mind, so it was nice to see him in something else. He can act, too.

But damn, I am disappointed by this film.

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What Happened: a quick book review

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I finished listening to the audiobook, narrated by HRC, on Thursday morning. On a scale of one to five stars, I would without hesitation offer five.

I found her voice soothing, and still remarkably understandable when listening at 1.5x speed. I enjoyed her sense of humor, and occasional wry outburst (“But my emails”).

But my overall impression of the book was uplifting. Hopeful. Harsh at times, certainly, but not hateful.

The horrible, hateful election of 2016 was difficult for me. I teared up in front of an ardent Trump supporter complaining of all the hatred I felt being tossed around so casually, and the reaction was the denial that it was even there in the first place.

Even though HRC has every reason to hate everyone who attacked her and sent negative energies her way, I didn’t feel that she did in this book. Whether that’s the truth or a masterful reformatting of it, I don’t particularly care to debate.

I listened to this book directly after listening to Fire and Fury (affiliate link), and perhaps that amplified my enjoyment. To have such a peaceful and honest reflection after F&F was a relief.

At any rate, if you’re interested in one person’s account of the 2016 election sprinkled with a bit of history and backstory, I enjoyed this one. I would recommend it to anyone willing to read/listen with an open heart.


I know nobody needs me to offer permission on this subject. Instead, I’m offering permission to myself (and my children, and anyone else who finds this helpful) here.

It is okay to be angry today. It’s okay to be pillow-stranglingly furious, to rage against things you find to be unfair. It’s okay to speak up, to scream, and to fight.

It is okay to be scared. It is okay to be so afraid that you cannot act, and it is okay to forgive the people who are making you afraid. It’s okay to recede from the spotlight and care for yourself and your family in the best ways you know how.

It is okay to offer quiet, radical acceptance. It is okay to accept yourself and to accept your neighbor, even if you don’t agree on things. It is okay to forgive those who fight against you.

It is okay to question and search for truth. It is okay to talk with those who agree with you and those who disagree with you to find what is real and true.

I will not be attacking others with my fists or my words. I will do my best not to mock those I don’t agree with or find unpleasant. Sometimes those things have a time and a place, but I don’t want to engage in them. I will do my best to work within the law for the change I need.

If everything’s special…

“And when everyone’s super, no one will be.”

-Syndrome, The Indredibles

I don’t care that technically if everything is considered special, that as a result none of it is.


If I give a thing value, it is special.

And if everything in my life has value, then it is all special.

Compassion, caring, gratitude, love.

Conflict, negativity, combativeness, hatred.

Personally, I know what side of that balance I want to be on, and what I want to surround myself with. I’ll make my blanket fort from the former, thank you very much, to protect myself from the latter.

And you’re welcome to join me.

Please note: building my blanket fort does not mean that I’m hiding – just preparing for battle. Maybe getting some cuddles in. Yay, hugs! I love those. ❤

We Are All Public Figures Now

I had just been thinking about this, and then I find this fascinating article via John Scalzi’s blog. It’s worth the read. ❤ N

Ella Dawson

A woman gets on a plane. She’s flying from New York to Dallas, where she lives and works as a personal trainer. A couple asks her if she’ll switch seats with one of them so that they can sit together, and she agrees, thinking it’s her good deed for the day. She chats with her new seatmate and they discover that they have a lot in common: he’s also a trainer, and a former professional soccer player. Maybe there’s a spark of attraction between them, or maybe he instigates the conversation despite her polite signs of disinterest—it’s difficult to discourage someone when you’re trapped together on a four-hour flight. We don’t really know what is going on in her head, and there’s no way that anyone could know.

The woman on the plane is unaware that the woman sitting in the row behind her is watching and recording her every…

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Having thought about things

I mentioned in an Aside the other day a few things I wanted to think about.

I’ve thought about them.


I think I wanted to think about this in regards to the General Data Protection Regulation, as well as social media, how much is too much to share – along those lines. I had been talking with two friends about Newsletters, which is coming up, and it was tied in there.


General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR is a global data protection law passed by the European Union that shifts the ownership of customer data from the organizations that use it to the individual customer.

I noticed a lot of folks really had their acts together and I received a slew of emails before the May 25th deadline from newsletters and the like. I’m noticing a lot of blogs have cookie disclaimers on their sites as well.

And the regulation makes sense. I’d like everyone to treat my information with such respect. So I’m working on trying to find out what I can (belatedly) so I’m fitting the criterea, too.


Relating, again, to GDPR, I recently heard that if you had an email address list that you didn’t mail to before May 25th of this year to get consent, your newsletter is now dead in the water. I’m interested in doing some research to confirm for myself that this really may be the case.

I don’t have a newsletter right now, so it doesn’t apply to me at this point, but I’m thinking again that I want to get one started. Especially with Facebook making it harder and harder to reach the people that have Liked your Facebook Page and should be seeing all the posts you make, and now something about cracking down on profiles that post information from other sites (like the Sharing system here on WordPress, I imagine).


I has a blog. I’m not very structured, I share too much (that is probably some to do with the Privacy point of thought, by the way), I’m silly and not always in a fun way. I don’t have a theme, I have a hard time sticking to one, and I don’t have much of an audience.

Do I want to start a new blog?

The easy answer that one is: ALWAYS. It’s silly, really. I’ll be out surfing and someone will seem to have all their shit together, and I think to myself, “Wow, if I had a themed blog like that, I’d have my shit together, too!”


The reality is, that’s not likely. I’m always going to be a bit of a rambly mess, and it’s lucky that I have family and friends who love me like that (and if not love, at least accept).

Stop starting “new” blogs, Nicki. That’s the message here.

Starting fresh

Along those lines just mentioned, I keep nuking my websites/blogs. It gets glitchy or I get tired of the content, and I think – If I just wiped everything clean and started from scratch, I’d have my shit together, too!

*snort again*

That’s not how it works. And so I resign (seriously?! yes.) myself to this as it is and just making what I have what I want.

Staying put

Um…maybe that’s the same content as the previous one, or maybe it has to do with my day job. I don’t recall.


I’m busy lately, and when I’m not busy, I’m exhausted from being busy. My husband is working more hours and I’m trying to work extra hours and feed the family and clean the house and keep us in clean laundry and make sure there’s food in the refrigerator. That makes it sound like I’m doing much more than my husband, but the truth is that I’m probably just doing a greater variety, and spending less time trying to work extra hours.

Well, I do make more meals than he does. And I do 100% more laundry. But that’s about it.

Anyway, I’m sure there was a point somewhere.

Thanks for hanging in.

Rambly bamblty.


I’m working on some transcription work and for some reason, my jaw is getting really tense. I’m not grinding my molars, though, but rather my front teeth are pushing against each other.

I’ve had braces twice – this is not a good thing. Even though I’m aware of it, I don’t seem able to stop it.

Just a bit of random thoughts to throw at you.

As you were.

Independence Day

First, I hope everyone is enjoying their day. If you’re in the US, I hope you’re able to spend the holiday as you wish. Relaxing, home projects, work, or fireworks – whatever floats your boat.

If you’re not in the US, I hope your Wednesday is/has been lovely.

I have chores I’d like to complete today. They’re the same chores that have been on my list for nearly a month, and hopefully, with the extra parental support I’m enjoying with the presence of my husband, I can actually get them completed and crossed off.

Maybe I’ll start with assembling some drawers, although it may be worth establishing that I actually need the drawers before I do that. If I don’t, having unassembled IKEA drawers would perhaps be easier to sell than assembled ones.

At any rate, here’s a “Before” photo to motivate me. I hope to have an “After” to add later today.


Edited to add:

Well. It’s not clean, but progress has been made.