I’m having a conflicted day, wherein one moment I’m ready to retire from Twitter and this blog (again *sigh*) for privacy reasons, and in the next moment I’m seeing the value of Facebook.

My community is not the same as it once was.

I nearly wrote that it’s not as strong, but that’s not true.

My community used to be also filled with people I had once known and was able to stay connected to on a social media service. And yesterday when I was faced with needing to find homes for two new cats that stumbled into our lives, I missed the ability I used to take for granted to be able to hop online and broadcast a message I knew dozens of people would see immediately.





Gaw. They’re so sweet I can hardly stand it.

Instead, I didn’t have that ability. But what I did have was perfect, and more than enough.

I know a woman who volunteers at a cat shelter, and she gave me two names and numbers within 5 minutes.

I know someone I see weekly that another friend was able to contact who is looking for a cat, so I was able to explore that option.

I work with someone who is a big-time animal lover and I knew, as a last resort, that they would help me place or care for these two snugglebugs.

Not to mention the other 80 or so people I have at the tip of my email-ready fingertips.

I still have a community.

So for now, I’m staying still. I’m holding my position with a blog and a twitter handle and keeping my email contact list up to date – just in case.


THIS IS NOT OKAY #FamiliesBelongTogether

This is not okay.

Here’s an article that offers ways you can help. (Refinery 29: How To Help Parents & Kids Separated At The Border)

And another. (Harpers Bazaar: How You Can Help Migrant Parents Separated from Their Children at the Border.)

Don’t know how to call your senator? There’s an article for that, too. (Refinery 29: Calling Congress Is Easier Than You Think — Here’s How To Do It)

Don’t have a lot of time to spare? There’s an event I just found. (Action Network: Lunchtime for Change – Virtual Event, Anywhere)

Handwringing and pearl-clutching isn’t helping. Do what you can, share money and time where you can, call when you’re able. Speak out and share your opinion so the person next to you that thinks they’re alone realizes that they aren’t.

It’s time to bring politics here because this is not okay.

House Centipede: 0 – Cat: 1

It startled him from his drowsing slumber with his lightning legs and his swerving path. But with eagerness, he sprang forward to track and pin down the creature that was not one of his brothers. The intruder slipped away into the shadows and out of them again, and then his paw found its mark. The multi-legged fiend was trapped.

Then loose, as our hero lifted his foot to discover if his prey was dead or merely stunned. It darted for safety, but Static was too quick, slamming a nimble paw back onto the insect’s back.

Alerted to the trouble, I approached with my rubber-soled weapon. Slap.

Praise was lavished over the brave and majestic tabby. I offered to clean up the carnage, but he enjoyed his spoils too much to let me remove them.

No kitty kisses for me tonight, but he definitely earned his treat.

The Hairs

I cut them. Unfortunately the hairdresser didn’t listen to me as well as I would have liked and so it looks a bit wonkier than intended. I am ready to purchase a trimmer that I can care for and use on the family members who prefer that type of haircut. The one we have has not been taken care of and I’m not certain I can resurrect it.

Good morning!


Hippo would like to say, “Hello.” He is a Christmas hippo. He is the beloved companion of one of my children, and he is perched next to me, I think, in an attempt to raise my mood.

It has worked. Please allow him to do the same for you.


Some media I’ve been consuming a lot of lately is rubbing me the wrong way. There’s something just a bit off about it, and I’m not entirely sure why.

No, I’m not talking about politics, promise.

It comes across in the podcasts and the videos and the essays, and perhaps it’s just a personality conflict. I hadn’t thought about that possibility before just now.

It’s how references to frivolity and excess are framed with female examples, but not male ones. It is a flat refusal to accept the truths of others. It is a haughty and know-it-all attitude that just seeps out of every word and situation and it’s so overwhelming…

Part of being mindful and minimal, from what I hear, is keeping in your life what brings you value. Well, I’m taking your advice, guys. No more.

Now…I need another podcast for my drives to work, please.