More closet

Except for the dusting. I didn’t bring the footstool up and I’m (justly) afraid of critters. I will let DH handle that part.


The Closet

I have so many clothes. Or rather, I have so many clothes I don’t wear. I keep things for “just in case”, because what if, you know? I’m huge on what if.

And yet when those what if occasions rollaround, do you know what happens?

I end up buying new.

Pfff. So much for that.


I went upstairs tonight, after probably two weeks, and pulled all of the hanging items

from my closet. It’s important to note that I did this once within the past two years, and I greatly reduced my collection that I moved in with. So the load that I removed were items I had recently determined were the things I wanted and needed.

And yet I still had a very large stack. I suppose it’s hard to tell from the photo, but it’s a stack of about eight inches.

So I went through the stack. It took about an hour of picking things up, looking at them, deciding what to do with them, or deciding that I wasn’t sure what to do with them.

Currently I’m wishing I took a before photo of my closet, but I didn’t. Next time, for certain.

At any rate, the big stack with the red shirt on top is everything that doesn’t fit, I don’t like, or I know I’ll never wear but that is in good enough shape for someone else. The stack of t-shirts with the white shirt on top are shirts that have sentimental value, but that I’m not entirely certain what to do with. There’s also a tiny stack in the back by the cat of three shirts, one of which my son might want and the other two which probably need to be tossed, or perhaps otherwise altered before they are donated.

I only threw out one shirt that was a promotional item. The front of it is starting to crack and peel, so I’m done and I don’t feel bad about trashing it.

So the big stack is easy, and it’ll go to Goodwill or get otherwise donated. The sentimental tees I’m not ready to trash or donate or give to friends. They are sentimental enough to look into getting a quilt made (but I’m not doing it myself). The black hangars I’m keeping, the white ones are getting donated with the shirts.

My closet is looking much nicer, but I’m actually not quite done. There is one pair of pants that need repair that I haven’t brought myself to do yet, and I might or might not repair them to keep wearing them a bit longer. There are two to three pairs of crops that I may wear this summer, provided a couple things fall into line. And finally, I kept a dress of my daughter’s that I need to confirm with her no longer fits before I can donate that.

Other than that, my closet contains more or less my essentials – tees I love, tees I wear and moderately enjoy, work clothing, and a couple long-sleeved tees that are toasty if not attractive. I’m excited to have it that way, but I’m also a little scared. I haven’t worn the things I’m ready to get rid of immediately at all in the past year, but what if?

I’m really great at what if.

Idle Thoughts

I always thought there was a difference between a crick and a creek growing up. The crick was smaller than the creek, which was in turn smaller than the stream.

I ultimately have to admit that this is most likely not the case.

But did you know that snow makes the cold feel warmer?


Fork > Fark

Forty > Farty

Pop < Soda

That is all.

Quick Decisions

I didn’t see this coming, to be honest.

A couple of April’s ago, a visitor to my blog pointed out bullet journaling to me, and I fell in love. I started following a popular online personality who created a lot of great, original content in my new area of interest, and I’ve been a loyal follower since then.

And in the email I received today from that personality, I hit a switch.

I was targeted as only a dollar sign. My email seems like it’s nothing more than potential income to them. I found nothing of value anymore (and haven’t for some time) in that realm.

So I unsubscribed. I have a feeling I’ll be doing more of that. It just caught me off guard for a moment, and I thought I’d share.

And to be honest, I can now see a lot of digital clutter in my life exactly like that. I don’t need to be someone’s dollar sign, or just another opportunity to sell. It’s time to clean some of that shit up. I spent some time deleting a LOT of old emails lately, and I’ve unsubscribed from a lot of lists.

But there is more to be done, and I’m excited to get started.

Trello is better than Jello

Waaaay back when I first started using Trello (May 2012), they had a video with a tagline that Trello was better than *pause* Jello. I like it. I still use it.

I use Trello for my day job regularly. You could say religiously, although Trello is less a religion than an organizational, procedural powerhouse. I use it at work to keep track of projects, to keep coworkers appraised of my progress, and to delegate tasks that can be delegated.

But I’ve never been able to make it stick in my personal life. I give it a go now and again with boards for plotting stories, marking my life goals, and scheduling blog content. It works for a week if I’m lucky, but more often it’s just there, and I don’t use it.

I have the app on my phone, and I think this is where my biggest problem lies. I am logged into Trello on my phone to my work account (because I do like to keep these things separate), and one can’t log in to two accounts at once as Facebook sort of lets you.

I finally caved with my latest cleaning project. I really need to have that list digitally available on whatever device I have nearby, which means I need it on my phone, which means I needed to make a choice.

Either switch the logged in account or add my work account to the board.

I didn’t like this choice. There are reasons I don’t have my work things cross over to my personal things.

But it’s cleaning. It’s cleaning, and it needs to happen, and so I did it. I added my work self to my board, and now I have my cleaning list in Trello. I have lists and cards and checklists and labels to make my life easier.

And any time a job seems too big, I’ll add a checklist and break it down. I can convert any of my checklist items to cards if I need to. If it feels too overwhelming to take the entire closet at once, or all the clothes at once, or what have you.

I can do this. I need to do this. I want to do this.

The Cleaning List

I have a big house that needs a lot of cleaning, and it helps to think of just the small bits that need to be done, so I made a list. It’s not the mind map app that I started with, but this list doesn’t get canceled or taken out of development, and I don’t have to try to figure out how to sync it with the cloud.

The plan is to take a small bit and work on it as often as I can. Daily? Weekly? Whatever works. And when the bite seems too big, I can break it down more. Dresser too much? I’ll take a drawer.

The other scary part of this is what to do with the things I don’t want to keep anymore. I need to get it out of the house quickly, but quickly usually means the trash. I don’t want to create a lot of trash when a lot of things are in good shape, so I’ll need to find easy ways to recycle.

That might mean I don’t get the books to 2nd and Charles to earn money on them, or I take things to Goodwill instead of seeing if someone at work can use them. I just need this to be as easy on me as possible so I can have the clutter-free life I need to function properly.

Do you have any ideas for me? Things to add, or places to take the stuff? The dumpster is only a good suggestion if it’s actually trash.



Finding things

I recently listened to a book, Goodbye Things: The New Japanese Minimalism, by Fumio Sasaki. It was pretty good. I felt that sometimes the author maybe didn’t have enough experience behind him to make him an authority on the subject, but I still liked it and am glad I read it.

The thing that I liked the most was when the author said that when you let things go if you’re really meant to have them, they will come back to you. You’ll buy it again, or someone will give it to you, or it will end up back in your life somehow.

I want to get rid of a bunch of things. Things that I keep just because maybe someone will be mad at me if I don’t keep it anymore. That’s a really sad reason to keep things, I know. But all I think about when I stare at all this stuff is how much harder it makes absolutely everything.

It’s hard to clean.

It’s hard to fix things that break.

It’s hard to know what I have because maybe I have one of those somewhere, but it’s easier just to spend the money on it now that I’m at the store instead of going home, looking for it relentlessly, then going back out to buy it anyway.

I want to get rid of almost everything except for the things that I love. Paper, pens, notebooks. I want to keep those things. But I don’t want the extra books I don’t have time to reread, and I don’t want the clothing that doesn’t fit anymore. I don’t want papers hanging around, or tchotchkes from vending machines (because I keep those things, believe it or not).

I don’t want to keep things out of guilt anymore.

If I’m meant to have it, it will find its way back to me.

I want to be my cat.

Fluffy was sleeping on the sofa. He woke up, stretched, hopped to the floor, and laid back down.

I want that life.

Instead I’m practicing typing (and getting paid for it), and hopefully increasing my typing speed in the process. I would like to go to bed, but I took a half-hour nap two hours ago so that will have to hold me over.

Still. I want to be my cat, hopping from nap spot to nap spot.

I can’t decide…

I have a whole Sunday, and I have quite the list of things to do, but I can’t decide where to direct my energy next.

I could…

  1. Try doing the finances
  2. Clean and declutter by my chair
  3. Vacuum the living room
  4. Take out the trash
  5. Write a story
  6. Take an exam to increase my earning abilities


  1. That will probably entail trying to start a budget, and my afternoon will absolutely run away from me
  2. I might be better off doing that when the kids are asleep so I can just watch TV and throw things out
  3. My son is using the TV and the vacuum is noisy and I don’t want to disrupt him
  4. I’m waiting for help to gather the cat sand upstairs because I want to completely replace it and I need some help from the aforementioned son
  5. I’m afraid of sitting in front of a blank screen when I could be doing something productive
  6. I might be better off doing this in the evening after the kids are asleep

So instead of doing something productive, I’m goofing off on my blog. I think I’m going to go with #2 for now, and hope I don’t get distracted by the shelves, which need a second culling.


I gave up Facebook for 40 days between February and the end of March. It was an easy experiment. I left in the midst of a storm of “‘Thoughts and prayers’ are the new ‘Fuck You'” posts, and I didn’t look back.

I had a good 40+ days where I wasn’t wondering if that blind item an acquaintance posted was somehow about something I’d just posted, where I wasn’t idly scrolling past the same updates I’d seen several times before, and when I wasn’t getting angry about Facebook not showing me things in chronological order.

I am so ready to give that up.

I guess it would be more appropriate to say that I am giving that up.

I can’t quite decide whether I should deactivate my account, though. While I don’t have the urge to go scrolling through my feed anymore, a lot of people and potential readers are on Facebook. That’s just a fact, and one I probably shouldn’t ignore.

You might be wondering, at this point, when I get around to tying into this post’s title to the content. That might not happen, actually. I had something in my head, where another author had rejected something a while back but then showed today that they were still active with what they had proclaimed was no longer in their interest. Yeah, I’m not going there.

So for now, you won’t see me on Facebook except when these posts pop up over on my feed. It’s much nicer over here, anyway. Come hang with me here!