A grey and silver texture pattern from the wrist rest of a laptop computer
A grey and silver texture pattern from the wrist rest of a laptop computer
Where I rest my wrists

I think I’m going to try a 365 photo challenge. Having started on the 8th, I’ll need to follow through until January 7th of next year to make it.

Starting a personal challenge on a day that is not a “start day” is going to be its own test. I greatly prefer to start year-long challenges on the first, or half mark in the year; month-long challenges on the first of the month; week-long challenges on the first of the week; and so on. So much so that I put off such things so I can start on my self-assigned “correct” day, and then end up never doing the challenge, or failing immediately.

I’m not saying it won’t happen this time (immediate failure, I mean) starting on day eight of January, but it is a change. And maybe being preoccupied with the imperfection will get me through a bit further.

Anyway! Enjoy the pattern. 🙂


Ack ack thbpt (morning routine lovingly adjusted)

My usual morning routine goes something like:

  1. Get out of bed
  2. Bathroom
  3. Wake others
  4. Feed cats
  5. Make coffee
  6. Wake up

When my routine is interrupted, it’s difficult, and normally will throw my entire day into a tailspin. Not going to let that happen today, though.

A family member is sick, so one of their usual responsibilities falls to me. That’s going to have to be okay, even though I’m not feeling okay right now. It’s a thing. It’s not going to take over my day. (Yes, I’m operating under the “fake it ’til you become it” philosophy.)

Writing yesterday was not bountiful, but went well. Last year I started tracking my words, and I ended up with a lovely spreadsheet full of formulas to get me all kinds of interesting numbers. Here’s what I have to share this morning:

Nickified – 390
001 (Space Cats from Space) – 617
001 Total – 10,765
Daily Total – 1007
Weekly Word Total – 8,785

Monday is the start of my new week. And so today, I also have weekly totals from the week previous.

Difference from previous week’s totals – 1,719%
Week 2 rank – 1
Weekly average word count – 4,634

Clearly these numbers don’t mean as much in week two as they will in week three. Week one was one day – with 483 words. But it gives you an idea of what I’m tracking. If you have any ideas on anything else I could post about, helpful or otherwise, please let me know in the comments!