A grey and silver texture pattern from the wrist rest of a laptop computer
Where I rest my wrists

I think I’m going to try a 365 photo challenge. Having started on the 8th, I’ll need to follow through until January 7th of next year to make it.

Starting a personal challenge on a day that is not a “start day” is going to be its own test. I greatly prefer to start year-long challenges on the first, or half mark in the year; month-long challenges on the first of the month; week-long challenges on the first of the week; and so on. So much so that I put off such things so I can start on my self-assigned “correct” day, and then end up never doing the challenge, or failing immediately.

I’m not saying it won’t happen this time (immediate failure, I mean) starting on day eight of January, but it is a change. And maybe being preoccupied with the imperfection will get me through a bit further.

Anyway! Enjoy the pattern. 🙂


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