Paper, Lined

A two-page spread from a lined notebook with the lines meeting in the center and stretching to the edge of the page.


I’ll have to add a photo of a page I’ve written on because that’s something I find nearly as attractive as a blank page. I go through more notebooks now that I’ve discovered that bullet journaling as a way to track my schedule and to-do tasks works well for me. Still, I have more supply than need, so it should be a while before I start looking to purchase more. Hopefully I will go through them this year, so I can buy new next.


4 thoughts on “Paper, Lined

  1. Love the photo!

    I see so many people who go the #bujo route, and part of me wants to jump on the bandwagon. But I know I would get frustrated at spending time to make it look pretty (and frustrated at it not being as pretty as others’ if I didn’t), and when I journal, I like to do pages, not just lists, so I’ve never tried.

    Would love to see pics (more pics — pretty sure I’ve seen some already) of your journal.


    • I will absolutely get some pictures of the #BuJo up! I’ll put up a plain list as well as a pretty one, in fact. I have two kinds of journals – actual journals and the Bullet Journals. Both have their benefits. For me, it comes down to this: I love writing on paper. Electronic task lists and date books don’t do it for me.


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