A page of Leuchturm1917 dotted A5 paper with a handwritten quote that reads, "It is good to dream big but your dreams will never see the light of day if you sleep big too." by Anonymous

Sometimes I need something to pull me out of a mood, and hand lettering (handwriting?) a positive or motivational quote will often point me in that direction and get me walking down the path. Many of the quotes from the app I got this one from, HabitHub (Android), are about ideas and the importance of waking early to achieve them. I know this does not apply to everyone, but it does apply to me. As much as I want to be a night owl, because I love to sleep, I feel at least 10x as productive when I wake early as opposed to staying up late. I think, perhaps, when my children are on their own I may find I could be just as productive with a noon-6am schedule instead of a 5am-11pm one. But for now, with an office job that dictates my schedule, morning person it shall be.

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