Last night was the first time I can remember this year where I got frustrated to the point of tears. So far, I’ve been of positive enough mindset to avoid it. I’m pleased with that and hope it can continue.

The numbers I have to report for yesterday, however, are not helping.

199 blog words, 384 fiction words.

I am grateful for the relatively mild winter we’re having.

I am grateful for warm showers and fluffy kittens to help dry my ankles. (Seriously, I don’t really encourage that, they just do it.)

I am grateful for…well, I am not grateful for the lack of willpower and motivation I seem to be displaying in my writing, but I am grateful for cats who decide I need love and curl up for a quick purr therapy session when I’m beating up on myself a little.

Well, I’m off to start my morning and grab that warm shower I was talking about. Hopefully, it will make the cold showers the weather intends to give us later seem not as bad.

4 Replies to “Irritant”

  1. It’s an especially hard time right now. The stress might be making everything 10 times more difficult.
    But at least you have some words. I’m grateful for that! And I believe you’ll get past this hump and get to over a thousand words a day.


  2. Hugs for being in that place. It is a stressful time in general, as Jamie says. Hugs on the frustration, hugs for the tears.

    Hooray for what words you got!

    And as long as you keep moving forward, you’ll get where you want to go.


    1. Small steps, the stupidly small steps of 14 words because I can’t stand going to bed with no progress at all, feel cheaty. Ah, well. It will work out in the end. Hopefully. Maybe. Someday.


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