A day where everything was evil

I’m so glad yesterday is over. It was one of those days where my nerves were close to the surface. Everything was irritating.

My phone wouldn’t stop ringing. I kept getting texts. Problems kept cropping up. There was a time deadline on a project I was working on that was constantly interrupted. My bra broke at the office. And then when I was ready to leave, I remembered something I forgot, and then was interrupted twice more on the way to do that one last thing.


There was one good thing about yesterday, and that was that on the way home, I thought of a really good story title. I’m certain my idea of a great title varies greatly from that of others. It’s kind of long, sort of rambly, and gives absolutely no clue as to the content of the story. I think it will be an office hate story. We’ll see.

Since yesterday is over now, today will be great. And actually, yesterday in terms of words wasn’t that bad. My blog words were low at 159, but my fiction was higher than it has been lately at 751. I  may not be able to write all morning today like I’d planned (because the morning is already almost over), but I will have lots of time to sit down and put words on the screen, and I want to do that.

I even managed to turn off Mad Men. Victory!

I hope everyone has (or has had) a lovely Saturday!