A (surprisingly) good week

I shouldn’t be surprised, though. It’s what I should expect from myself every week.

It was busy, though. Not your usual, boring, go-to-work-come-home-write-sleep-wake-up-write series of days.

Tuesday involved a lot of steps, stairs, and lifting.

Friday involved a lot of interruptions.

Saturday and Sunday didn’t involve a usual trip for laundry – my husband took care of that for me.

But it wound up being good for words.

Weekly total words: 6,611
Weekly total fiction words: 4,732
Weekly total blog words: 1,879
Difference from last week: +75%
Weekly rank: 2 (of 5)
Average weekly total words: 5,254
Difference in average words from last week: +7%
This week’s average word count: 944

The last two days especially have been good, both topping 1,000 for the first time in more than two weeks. Maybe I had just hit the 1/3 point of the story, and that was the reason for the slowdown. Whatever the case, I’m glad things are picking up again.

Here’s hoping today is just as good as the past two days!

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