Packing up the supplies

I’m amazed at how a closet full of supplies can be condensed down into two plastic storage tubs. Admittedly, the toner, envelopes, and folders that didn’t get packed into tubs take up more space than that, but all the little things scattered all over? Two tubs.

Oh, and three trips to the dumpster.

I wrote a bit today, but not the way I would have liked. It was lots of rushing shortly before bed, instead of taking my time and then enjoying some TV as a break.

I wrote 218 blog words, and 626 fiction words. I put my character in the hospital, and now I’m trying to talk her way out of it. I’m pretty sure I’ve just drug in another collaborator into this little secret she’s got, but I haven’t figured out when it’ll be necessary to drag the character into the limelight. If at all.

Today involves a quick meeting, a truck, more packing, and less moving than previously anticipated. One does not want to rush the inspectors, you see.