Small projects snowballing

I was asked yesterday to use someone’s computer to find some pictures and email them or put them on a flash drive, CD, or other removable media. Since the computer kept ejecting the flash drive before things could be copied, I went with CDs.

I filled 15 CDs with photos and videos. Actually, I filled 10 CDs with videos, only 5 with photos. Thankfully, the second part of that project is being taken care of by others (although it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that I get called in on it again – I dearly hope that doesn’t happen).

At home, I struggled to find the right “mood” for writing, which is completely stupid because I know that I can’t wait for that. I should have spent my antsy time cleaning off the stupid desk instead. Then I could go sit there and not have an excuse. Which reminds me, I have to ask a friend a favor about some Internets. If I could find the computer. I don’t see it. That’s not a good thing.

I managed a paltry 95 fiction words (440 total with blog posts), and a separate, not counted in any total but its own, 558 freewriting words. I have an idea for a session tonight – “What would I write if everyone I know was dead”. That’s a morbid way to put it, but essentially, I want to think about what I’d write if I stopped worrying about what I think everyone else would think about what I write.

Also, my daily average is back down to 474 words per day in fiction. I must drag that number back up by its stringy, unwashed hair.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll probably grab a photo at Wegmans, and I will remember to bring a paperback for my friend Erin, if she makes it, so she can have the pleasure of snicker-snorting through a Julia Quinn romance.


A new week!

Every week I need to go search for the stat block I used the week before. I never come prepared, I just start typing and then think, oh! Hey! I need that thing!

Yesterday was fun, with a spur-of-the-moment trip to IKEA. I knew before I went exactly what I wanted and where it was in the warehouse, but then I spent five minutes once we’d found it waffling between the wood that matches my house, or the wood that matches some of the other furniture I’ve purchased from there. I went with the former, and the cushions on the chair I bought matches the latter. It should all be good.

Yesterday I wrote 254 words, for a total of 455. My fiction average is 480, down again from the day I got it to 499. I also wrote 1,077 freewriting words, which I’m not going to total with anything else except itself. It was immensely helpful in getting at least a little direction for the last bit of story. I don’t know if it will always be this way, but with the past few NaNo novels I’ve done I start to falter about 2/3 of the way through and lose sense of the story. I start to wander, and this at least has pointed the way to the finish line.

To review the week:

Weekly total words: 4,192
Weekly total fiction words: 2,399
Weekly total blog words: 1,793
Difference from last week: 65%
Weekly rank: 6 (of 9)

Overall, a huge improvement over the week before. And having more fiction than blog words is what I really appreciate seeing. It wasn’t a daily habit, but maybe this week.

Also, what the heck, February! I know it has 28 days, but for some reason, the fact that March is just two days away now is startling. I wasn’t ready.

Be Yourself

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.

– Bruce Lee

That feeling when you knew where things were going…

I knew where this stupid story was supposed to go, and then I lost it. I’m going to try some freewriting this morning to pick up my spot, see if I can’t sketch out a plan again. I had a good one. It involved Admiral Fluffybutt. I’m going to sort it out again, I swear.

I chose watching a movie recommended by a friend over writing last night, so I only managed 81 words (265 total), which drug my daily fiction average back down to 484.

I choose to do better today, although I do have a full day planned with errands and photocopying and sorting and cleaning. I can get it all squeezed in if I stay focused on the things I want to be doing and let the things I don’t have on my list wait for breaks.

Fingers crossed.

Thunderstorms in February

Not only did I strut around in a tee-shirt this morning and early afternoon for errands, with my car window down no less, but yesterday I was sweating.

It’s February! In Pennsylvania!

Odd, odd stuff.

Well, Friday I ended up writing too late to get many words, but I eeked out 122 anyway. 304 words total. The upside is, I got words! The downside is that my daily average was dragged back down to 492. I’ll need another 1,000 words today to get my average back up to 500.

I can do that. I really can. But will my bok steal my attention tonight or will the words win? Only time will tell!