Never tempt fate

Duly noted. Yesterday I mentioned in the subject that I would do something if things got any weirder.

They did, but I didn’t.

And I also mentioned hoping I got at least 500 words in before I left the house, in case I didn’t manage any later.

I did, and I didn’t.

So today’s lesson is, don’t tempt fate, friends. “I want to do at least X in case of Y” – better make your X significant, because now Y is nearly guaranteed.

(Yes, I know things don’t actually work out like that. Still – make it a really big X you can be proud of.)

I wrote 626 words yesterday  in the morning before I left the house, and didn’t even get to my writing group for more than a few minutes about two minutes after it was scheduled to end. (It wasn’t over – we always run late because we have so much fun with each other.) 898 was my grand total for the day.

I really want to write at least 1,000 words this morning in case my day is so amazing that I end up incredibly motivated to write 3,000 more words tonight.

HA! Take that, fate!