Chair Herd

A small office filled with blue, back, cream, and tan office chairs, some with arms and some without, all touching each other and filling every corner
A herd

There’s a filing cabinet fraternizing with the office chairs, and I’m really not sure how I feel about that. What happens when filing cabinets and office chairs get a little too cozy? Do we end up with chairs that have additional storage? Cabinets with upholstered arms and reclining seats? The idea amuses me. Now I need a name for the little office creatures that will result from this unnatural combination. (Plot bunny!)

One Reply to “Chair Herd”

  1. I can see an office chair with a double file backside and a holder for pens and stuff under it, maybe even one of those college-class “desk” things that swing up…

    “The micro home office- when you really lack space.”

    You know the biggest market for that is gonna be India, China, and Japan. And dorms.


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