Couched Terms

A close-up of sofa upholstery in brown, green, and tan tones.
A close-up of sofa upholstery in brown, green, and tan tones.

We aren’t going to talk about today. Instead, we are going to look at this lovely, somewhat sparkly photo of the back of my sofa. Aren’t the colors so 70’s? Maybe even 60’s! And the texture. So shimmery! So velvety! It was Free With Purchase of our house, and so I do not complain, I simply enjoy the fact that we had a sofa to replace the one from my husband’s youth that we finally broke a month or so back. Ta-da! Sofa!


Good morning!

Happy Friday, all!

Yesterday I wrote 217 new words for A Brief History of Space Cats and the Care and Feeding Thereof in the morning and worked through a huge chunk of Space Cats from Space Earth in the evening. (I logged 375 total words for the day.)

I’m going to cut this entry (very, very) short. I hope everyone has a lovely day!

Pigs of Iron

Patio chairs around a tall table on a deck overlooking a baseball park.
Patio chairs around a tall table on a deck overlooking a baseball park.
Part of the Club

In my world today I spent a few hours at a baseball park. It was nice, with lots of bacon, which makes sense to some people and will just seem like a nice occurrence to others. Ultimately, I’m glad the event is over for another year and there are several months to recover from it.

From the phone

Today will have to be a phone post. It’s a crazy morning and I want to get this done but there is a ton of other unrelated things to accomplish. So in the interest of brevity!

I wrote 270 (662) fiction (total) words yesterday.

I also invested in a Chromebook only for writing. I won’t claim I need it to be a writer, but the reality is that there are lots of times I need to write and I convince myself that it’s too much trouble to get the kids off my laptop to do so. And the price was right.

Curtains for you!

Red and black brocade curtain fabric
Red and black brocade curtain fabric
Curtains, I say!

I have a variety of inherited things in this house. Not inherited from family, but from the previous owners. I don’t mind. It’s functional stuff and has served us well. There will be a time in the not-too-distant future when wallpaper comes down and I nickify the house. I’ll have to take lots of pictures at that point. We’re just not there yet.

What is it about?

Hi! I asked Elder Youth for a post title for this morning, and he said, “What is it about?” I thought, okay! I can make that work!

I wrote a short 160 words last night (411 total).

So, yesterday I was “following a whisper”. That’s an odd way to put it, but when I thought of it, I stuck with it. Here’s what really happened.

For some reason I was online and I saw a Windows 10 laptop for a reduced price that put the following thought in my head: “If I had a new laptop that nobody else could use then I would write more!”

My head does amazing things to try to rationalize new purchases. I don’t need a new laptop, because mine works fine. My only issue right now is that the children use it in the afternoons and close all my tabs accidentally. Which is frustrating, but not a $200 frustrating issue, you know?

And then my head was like, “And if I had a new laptop that was just for writing, I could write it off of my taxes!” Let me tell you, it was really working overtime on this.

And yeah, I probably could write it off as a business expense. But I still know that I don’t need a new laptop, that I couldn’t come up with a better explanation for it for DH, and that there are better ways to spend my money right now.

Still, on the way to writing group last night I went out of my way (quite out of my way) to make four stops to four different stores looking for computers. After stop two, and walking out because the store made me uncomfortable, I told myself that I wouldn’t do anything unless it was for $X. And it wasn’t, at the last two stops, so I didn’t.

So I’m using my regular laptop, and I love it, and I won’t be purchasing a new laptop.




Terra cotta pots stacked inside each other
Terra cotta pots stacked inside each other

There were bunches and bunches of pots as we walked through the grocery store this evening, and so this is the photographic offering I have for you this evening. It’s so very late, and I have a few more things to do, so my post is short. Goodnight!

Pardon the dust while I play with featured images

A green outline around a pink box with the words Tuesday is Funday! over a background of an outdoor table and chair on the second floor of a local grocery store


It’s Tuesday.

Tuesday means I get to hang out with friends at a store that serves really good pizza and salami-wrapped provolone. It’s amazeballs.

Chaotic, but awesome. Very chatty, but lots of fun. ❤

I’m awake! It’s Tuesday morning, and yesterday (Monday) I wrote 308 fiction words (745 total), and shoved four chapters through the “Nicki, you spelled that wrong and your grammar sucks and what is it with you and passive voice?” machine. It was fun, but I was really tired, so I set it aside at around ten in favor of sleep. The sleep was really good, so I think it was a good choice.

Other things that happened yesterday? Two lunches, zero suppers, breakfast kind of, heads on superheroes (and one pony’s butt, although the concept of a cutie mark was lost on my coworker), and a review of school photos. Also rain, but thankfully the rain chose to avoid falling when I went outside.

And now I’m off! I’ve got some more words to try to squeeze in and maybe another “stop spelling ‘leapt’ like a British person already!” session or two. I don’t have much time this morning, but I’ll do what I can.

Happy Tuesday to you, too!


Patchy green and dead grass freshly uncovered from a layer of snow
Patchy green and dead grass freshly uncovered from a layer of snow
Spring Grass

It’s very close to the days when we will start instructing elder youth to mow. In former years, DH and I have shared mowing duties. Not that we have a particularly large yard. Mowing takes about twenty minutes, and only that long because we have an electric mower, and one must stop the blades from spinning whilst tossing the extension cord over like a jump rope. Then one may resume. But yeah, since elder youth will not have his grandparent’s lawn to mow, he’s mowing ours. This mama is a happy mama.

Good morning, and Happy Rainy Monday!

A two-page Bullet Journal spread behind a green text box and two white hearts that has the words Word Counting on top

I just peeked outside. It’s dumping rain from the sky, or it was about five minutes ago. I don’t hear it from my current position, and I hope the sky gets this little temper tantrum out of its system and relaxes into a gentle mist by the time I need to walk out the door this morning. I love a good rain from inside looking out, not especially during.

Although, this one time when I was in high school, instead of calling for a ride or waiting out the storm at the local grocery store, I charged ahead and started the one-mile walk home. I was probably three-fourths of the way home when all of the sudden I went from soaked to completely submerged. In an instant everything was wet, and it was amazing and awful at the same time. But that’s also the point where I lost all my fucks and started to really have fun.

Man, I was wet.

Anyway! On to the words. Yesterday I wrote 253 words, with a total of 670

Weekly total words: 3,977
Weekly total fiction words: 1,422
Weekly total blog words: 2,555
Difference from last week: -32%
Weekly rank: 10 (of 13)
March fiction total: 11,359
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
002* Words: 1,227

As I proceed with 002 as an A to Z Blogging Challenge entry, it makes less and less sense to do that. For a variety of reasons, I anticipate it will end up possibly as a standalone short story, but much more likely as a “post credit scene” in the publication of 001. I’m uncertain about my A to Z future. I don’t have a theme at this moment, and I’m not certain of my ability to come up with one in the amount of time left. I certainly don’t have time to pre-schedule anything at this late date. We shall see!

*002 is the number of this story in my pursuit of Pulp Speed. It’s as good a code name as any and allows me to easily keep track of which story I was working on in my word count tracking spreadsheet.