S is for Sleeping in

I really love sleep, but I need to stop it. I can (I believe) match writing productivity to when I wake in the morning (and when I started with my Bullet Journal). Those were short stories, but still, I nailed it. I don’t want to believe I burned out on that speed, but maybe I did. I won’t really know until I get my routine back.

Monday. Because this weekend I slept in both Saturday and today until nearly noon, and it was fabulous. But yeah, it needs to stop.

Yesterday I wrote 207 fiction words, and 366 words total. I also watched Unstoppable, a fantastic movie about a runaway train with Chris Pine and Denzel Washington and Rosario Dawson, which was not conducive to words.

Today there is still usual Sunday tasks on the schedule like trash, shopping, etc, but there are several hours to get that done. In the meantime, there’s some writing and reading that needs to happen. If you’ll excuse me.