A photo of a refreshment stand made of chrome and glass with a single-serve coffee machine and its pods, coffee cups, clear plastic water cups, and a server of lemon and strawberry water on ice.

We went a little heavy on the strawberries this time. The water should be clear, I think. We were squeezing the berries to attempt homemade strawberry lemonade. Well, it sort of worked. At any rate, it was less water, more fruit, and I’m sure something else will be attempted tomorrow. Maybe we’ll finally get to the cucumbers.

2 Replies to “Straw”

    1. One Keurig, one giant water thingy of fruit water, a small pitcher of plain water, and a cream and sugar tray for visitors at our new office. The sun is hitting it just right this time of year so when it’s filled, it’s in a lovely square of sun. Perfect for photos. 🙂


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