And another new day: Friday

Good morning! Happy Friday, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and all that good stuff.

Yesterday was sleeping in and rushing out the door and work. Then I got home, shoveled snow with the elder youth so DH could park in front of the garage, and we watched Moana.

Naturally, I cried through the entire thing. Junior youth tried to make it a special thing to point out (“Ooh, Mom’s crying!”), but I always cry at even slightly sad movies. And animated musicals? Yeah, it was a sure thing. But I enjoyed it. So did the youths.

After everyone was in bed, I wrote 1,095 fiction words (yay, me!), with a total of 1,476 (blog post was long, too). I’m so very close, like two or three scenes/chapters from the end of this Space Cats from Space Earth. And I think I totally need a new title. I’ll probably sit and brainstorm something long and ridiculous because those kinds of titles resonate with me.

But that will be for After. For now, I need to finish it. (Finish it. Finish it. Finish it.)


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