Deer are looking skinny (and Ideas)

It’s Saturday, and thus laundry day, and if you remember last week I found a deer strolling through the backyard when I was doing laundry. Well, s/he, or a friend of his/hers, decided to stroll by this week for my elder youth to see! The deer was looking a bit scraggly with a winter coat and jutting hips, but I’m not terribly worried. I can see the grass down by the creek that runs behind the house coming through strong and bright, and the temperatures today are lovely and warm. The deer will find food.

I wrote 116 fiction words yesterday and brought in a total of 592 words total for the day. I don’t think I like the way the particular short I’m working on is going, so I may end up striking those and some written the day before. I’ll have to take a look at it when I’m not also inundated with Minecraft.

I had a thought. Sundays, which is the day when I take care of the family finances, I think I’m going to share some general information about my expenses and income that has to do with my writing. I don’t want to be dumping it all out there, but all I can think of is how helpful it would be for me to hear this kind of thing from people who are more successful than me. I’ve gotten teasers of it from some people on Reddit, but I would personally prefer a little more information.

Here’s what I’d like to know, and so here’s what I’d like to share: I’d like to know about expenses. What things do writers spend money on, and what does that stuff costs? Also, income. How often is the money coming in, and about how much when it does? I’ll also be exploring different income streams (ebooks and print, naturally), including some that might not seem to have anything to do with writing.

I’m not brand new, with a few self-published short stories under my name and another, but it’s close enough that this might be an interesting experiment for someone thinking about writing as a career to follow along. I don’t know if many people think about tracking these things publically when they’re just starting out, and if they are, I’m not stumbling across enough of them.

And I don’t expect it to last forever, either. I imagine there will be an income point at which it becomes unnecessary.

Well, if this sounds like a horrible idea, I trust someone will point it out. If this is all you ever hear about the subject, you’ll know what happened. But tomorrow is Sunday, and I do have a thing or two to report, so…


3 Replies to “Deer are looking skinny (and Ideas)”

  1. The smartest “expense” a writer (or anyone, really) can have is an investment. Stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, anything that will generate more income from the money earned by selling books. 20 percent is common recommend amount. So if a writer earns $1, then .20 cents gets invested.

    Money earned from that invested money- some gets reinvested, and the rest is for living.

    The spending debate I’m hoping you find lots of info on is how much writers spend on marketing. Or “you can’t market books”! Except a good sales person CAN sell ANYTHING… and there’s always ads from Penguin or HarperCollins or whatever in magazines like Entertainment Weekly. So I call bs on spending nothing. But where’s the line between “investment marketing” that results in increased sales versus spending more on marketing than earning potential exists?


    1. I will certainly do my best to find you information on that which you have shown an interest. I can envision myself spending on marketing, but only into areas with which I am familiar, which at this point is Facebook. I kebashed my FB page late last year, so I’m going to have to see how that goes. And time. I should probably consider time an expense. At any rate, things to think about. Thank you. 🙂


      1. You’re welcome.

        I think about stuff like cross promotion. Like if you write about a jewelry designer, maybe there’s marketing in jewelry. If the MC makes wall art from leaves, making some and putting it on Etsy or Ebay with a “as mentioned in the book” label. But I also think about stuff like, if the book has cats, there’s a convergence of book lovers who are also cat lovers, and finding those people seems like a marketing spot. Kind of how Amazon gives you suggestions. Like strawberry cola? Try strawberry candy! Others also bought strawberry shampoo. Bundle and save by adding a raspberry ale to this order. There’s even an actual site where you can look up anything on Amazon and see how it’s related to other stuff on a tree-diagram.

        Anyway. I’m looking forward to your series on money stuff. No matter the angle you take. I like the theory of finance.


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