Pardon the dust while I play with featured images


It’s Tuesday.

Tuesday means I get to hang out with friends at a store that serves really good pizza and salami-wrapped provolone. It’s amazeballs.

Chaotic, but awesome. Very chatty, but lots of fun. ❤

I’m awake! It’s Tuesday morning, and yesterday (Monday) I wrote 308 fiction words (745 total), and shoved four chapters through the “Nicki, you spelled that wrong and your grammar sucks and what is it with you and passive voice?” machine. It was fun, but I was really tired, so I set it aside at around ten in favor of sleep. The sleep was really good, so I think it was a good choice.

Other things that happened yesterday? Two lunches, zero suppers, breakfast kind of, heads on superheroes (and one pony’s butt, although the concept of a cutie mark was lost on my coworker), and a review of school photos. Also rain, but thankfully the rain chose to avoid falling when I went outside.

And now I’m off! I’ve got some more words to try to squeeze in and maybe another “stop spelling ‘leapt’ like a British person already!” session or two. I don’t have much time this morning, but I’ll do what I can.

Happy Tuesday to you, too!

3 Replies to “Pardon the dust while I play with featured images”

  1. Oddly enough, we were discussing cutie marks at dinner last night. Okay, maybe not so oddly, as the girl is currently on a Pony kick, alternating between ponies and Equestria Girls on Netflix.

    I use both leapt and dreamt. Not only that, but the spellchecker in my OS has no problem with either. 😉 (Come on, “He leapt across the chasm” just sounds better than “He leaped across it.”) Frankly, as long as you’re consistent, it doesn’t matter whether you use -ed or -t. (I say this with my professional copyeditor hat firmly on.)

    Last week, I was all, “Oooh, next Tuesday, I must go and return Nicki’s book!” This weekend I was, “Oh, look at husband’s calendar. Another dinner with a job candidate on Tuesday.” Last one, though, so I will make an appearance next week!

    Hope your day is totally amazeballs!


    1. I am SO changing all my “leaped” back to “leapt”. *cheers*

      And I’ll need to remember to tuck another Julia Quinn in my bag. If I could find one of the first stories…Colin would be good.


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