Income & Expenses: March!

Greetings and Salutations!

I start an awful lot of my posts that way, I know.

Also, thank goodness “monies” is a word.

So I’m starting these posts because I like to learn how other authors and entrepreneurs do when they’re just starting out. Like, is everyone but me jumping straight to three-figure a month income levels, or is it taking everyone some sweet time? But nobody likes to talk about money, so I don’t come across this kind of post that often.

So I’m going to write it myself.

I have March data, and while I thought I was going to make these posts weekly, I think perhaps I will make them monthly. I really don’t know. We’re going to see how this goes.

So, for March!


I bought two things in March I think are going to help. One was Grammarly. It was 40% off as part of their March Madness sale, bringing the price into the reasonable range for me.

Here’s my justification: I need a second set of eyes, even computer generated ones, to find the silly little mistakes and misspellings and times when I’ve used the wrong word but spelled it right. I would like to get to the point when I can hire a human for such things (I even know such a person), but right now, I’m going to trust a computer and my own eyeballs.

The second thing I purchased in March was a Chromebook (referral link). It is going to be only a writing computer, although not my only writing computer because I still do an awful lot of writing on my Toshiba Satellite (the one I’m using right now, in fact). The issue with my Toshiba is that it’s also a computer that can play Minecraft, and I have two youths in the house who love Minecraft. So the justification for the Chromebook: to have a light computer that is only for writing that I can take to the places I go to write at regularly.

Grammarly – $69
Chromebook – $180


Income! I had some, by some stroke of luck. It wasn’t much, only a dollar and change, in fact. But here’s the interesting thing: I haven’t published anything since May of last year. Last May I published under a pen name and earned a little from it. Now, another sale.

So the desire to get more books up for sale is strong, and I have one I just need to finish spell-grinding to get it there.

Smashwords – $1.21

Sums Up

So right now, obviously, I’m spending more than I’m earning. That is to be expected for Starter Editions of Writers. What I’d like to do until I have another one of these to report is to sort out business finance solutions. Like, do I need a separate checking account or a separate PayPal? (Hint: I’m pretty sure at this moment, I don’t. I’m still operating as a Sole Proprietorship, so it would just be for personal, ease of bookkeeping reasons I might do that.) And maybe think about different marketing things. I have a little experience with marketing, actually. So that could be fun.

Bye until next time!


Day after Productive

Yesterday was pretty amazing. It was incredibly productive, happy, and overall quite satisfying. We celebrated a thing and there were gifts that were enjoyed. We had dinner out with family (the company was the best part – the food left quite a bit to be desired), and cake! What day isn’t made a million times better with cake?

The youths and I went to see Power Rangers, too. It was fun, not horrible, kind of campy but not too bad, and I think we all enjoyed it. The popcorn was good, but AMC is a disappointment. The trend now is to have self-serve butter. That’s fine and dandy, but you can’t get the layers, and while I am eternally grateful to my dear friend who comes with me to theaters so I can layer my butter, it’s just not the same when you do it yourself. This is the move that theaters can make that will keep me from attending. Hmph.

But back to good stuff! Words! I wrote all the words, Roxanne (#butcheredQotD). Yesterday got 2,613 fiction words and 3,193 total. I didn’t count the A-Z post because most of those words were already written. Copy and paste doesn’t really count, and I didn’t want to go to the trouble of just calculating the “Before More…” words.

I want to say I knocked the words out of the park. And it feels that way. But I know I can do better! So I will keep working on my speed. So far it’s slow going today, but I still have time. I need to stop worrying so much and just write. I’m going to learn a lot simply by doing, and it won’t feel like work that way.

Okay, I’m off to word more words, and spell-grind more words, and clean at some point because UGH. The cats were fighting this morning and left fur EVERYWHERE, and the living room is driving me crazy, and I need to wash my hands and take medicine because headache.