Today’s spread

A two-page spread from my bullet journal for the day
Daily Spread

I don’t know if I’ve ever posted anything like this before, an entire two-page spread from my Bullet Journal. This is pretty typical of my spreads for the first quarter of the year, with the newcomer being the #rockyourhandwriting challenge I’m doing with Instagram. I actually am not getting as much use out of the Today detail, because I keep up with it in the morning but generally lose it once my day really gets going. The Gratitude detail is critical for me, and I feel it when I don’t get that done. The Tasks isn’t usually so detailed, to be honest, but when I have a lot to do, I get a lot done. I’m thinking I’ll start the spreads the night before so I have my task list ready for me first thing and I won’t have to spend time thinking about it when I’m just barely awake.

3 Replies to “Today’s spread”

    1. Thank you! I would like to learn the fancy lettering all the cool #bujo-ers are doing now with the brush pens, but I may have to be satisfied that I can manage the faux calligraphy and call it a day. 🙂


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