Something fishy this way comes

The site was down this morning. Just a white screen. I don’t know why I thought it was my host at first because this has happened before.

It was a plugin. And I’m unable to finish the connection to the plugin, so I’ll have to fudge with that later. The two that are important seem to be working.

So yesterday was good! Traffic was easy to navigate all day, and I caught the missing fries when I was still at the drive-through window. I also got to hang out with a bunch of my awesome writer friends, and that always makes the week better.

I wrote 763 fiction words, and 1,033 total. I was hoping to have a streak of 1K days this week, but if I had to miss a day, Tuesday is an acceptable day to miss.

I have a copy of Space Cats out to first readers, and I’m eager to hear if there are any big mistakes I need to fix. I’m eager to get this up for sale before the month is too far gone, because of the tie-in with the A to Z Challenge. Also because I really like it, and I’m excited about writing more in this world. I think next time I’m picking a different human/cat set of characters. Maybe someone one of the main characters knows. I actually have ideas on that. Bwa ha ha.


Okay. My morning routine has been disrupted enough. I’ll be posting this now and going on my way. Wish me luck!