Blog is fixed (I hope!)

I am very grateful to be tech savvy enough that I’m able to repair most issues with my blog. With a recent JetPack update, apparently my server runs an older version of PHP, and I ended up with white screens and malfunctioning plugins. I only run Automattic plugins, and the theme for the site is Twenty Seventeen, so I ought not to have too many compatibility issues.

But I did, and it took probably two hours of poking here and there to get it all sorted out. Now, I think, it’s good. We’ll see if things start getting Publicized again (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Fingers crossed.

There will be a time at which I am able to use WordPress VIP. It is not cheap. But no more blog-related headaches? Yes, please.

Yesterday I wrote a few less words because of my little blog hiccup than I might otherwise have had time for, but I’m happy with the 1,059 fiction words I did write. I got 1,313 1,402 total. Not too shabby.

Today I woke early (4:37) and used most of my extra hour to fix JetPack. This evening I hope to decide whether I’m going to have 003 be a short story and finish it up, or determine that it needs to be full-length and keep on charging forward. For the type of story it is, though, I think short with a collection later to pull all the stories together. That will be the plan.

I hope everyone has a fine, stress-free day!


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