E is for Eyelids – #AtoZChallenge

I seem to be starting all my entries with, “You know this, but you didn’t really know this!” Sorry about that. Please enjoy this selection from A Brief History of Space Cats, and the Care and Feeding Thereof by Sarah Ever.  Written by the main character from Space Cats from Space, these entries form a resource for feline companions to help them ease the transition from cat “owner” to their true role as caretaker and, possibly, human slave. Please enjoy!

Felines have three eyelids. Two of them act much like our own, but a third rolls in from the side, providing extra protection and serves mainly to baffle humans as to its exact purpose (and why we don’t have our own).

Well, this may be the first definitive definition of that third eyelid and its purpose.

Extending the third eyelid not only removes debris from the feline eye (which humans have assumed, correctly, up to this point) but also acts as a built-in computer screen. It gives the feline access to their internal nanites and the data those tiny machines provide not only on the cat’s health but also that of their crew.

This access is especially important for the medical and commanding officers, who need to maintain a near-constant watch on the members of their teams. In multiple cat households it certainly would be easier, but for teams that end up spread between homes, a remote connection is vital. While felines have screens installed in the homes they occupy, it isn’t always convenient to access them, especially in the presence of their humans.

I’ve learned most recently that the display of information that the felines experience on their third eyelid can display on virtually any screen that is connected via WiFi in a household, with a little bit of programming on the feline’s part. My display runs through my Bluray player; I’m hoping with practice (and a bit of reprogramming) I’ll be able to send the information to my phone.

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