The clothing has been cleaned

Yesterday I got a late start with laundry, and it turned into a day when I didn’t do much but absorb some Hermitcraft on YouTube. I didn’t watch for several months, so I’m catching up. Now that they’re starting a new season, I’m doubly excited. I also have resolved to not indulge in these marathon sessions anymore. I’ll add new episodes to my queue and watch one at a time, and not sink hours upon hours into the viewing of other people playing video games.

I’m certain that resolution will last at least several days.

Because of the YouTube, I only got 570 fiction words and 829 total words. My average fiction words per day is at 525, though. February 25th was the last time it was that high. I’m slowly making my way back up!

Today involves film with family and some writing. And a post about Income & Expenses, actually. I don’t have a lot to add, but I’m sure I can pull something out of my brain. Theories to share. Stuff and things.


Oh, I also finished The Handmaid’s Tale yesterday. It’s up for free on Kindle right now, so if you’ve been interested in acquiring it, now is certainly the time. My overall opinion is one of general bafflement and intrigue. I’m glad I read it, but I don’t think I want to reread it. I’m also not certain now that I want to see the Hulu series. I’m kind of satisfied with what the book shared, and I don’t need more, or another interpretation. A funny feeling, but one I’ve encountered before.

Happy Sunday, folks!

2 Replies to “The clothing has been cleaned”

  1. I have a paperback of The Handmaid’s Tale, but I’ve never made it more than a quarter into it. Maybe a fifth? Might not even be that much. Saw a movie adaptation once. (She says brightly.) That counts, right?

    Good luck with moar wordz!


    1. I got stuck at 16%, too. Something happened though, once I picked it back up, and it got interesting. Suddenly I was at 48% and I wasn’t sure how that happened.


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