This post was written by zombies

In case there was any doubt, that would be me (and Junior Youth), and it would be because I found a new novel to chew through and it’s a lovely Cinderella story. A Kiss at Midnight, it’s called, by Eloisa James. The Cinderella character is angry, and talks back to her step-mother, and I love it. She’s snarky.

Yesterday was Junior Youth’s orchestral concert with the elementary, middle school, and high-school orchestra. 300 kids from 6 schools (our district has 4 elementary schools) that had gotten together for the first time only two hours before the concert to rehearse.

They did a lovely job.

I only wrote (as a result) 128 fiction words (and 556 total). I did some editing on 001, read a little less than 39% of my book, watched more YouTube than I should (Alyse from Raw Alignment did something clickbaity and was upset when everyone called her on it, then changed the title of the video and posted an apology – I think she should have stuck with it and addressed it next time quickly with no apology), and…I think that’s it. (Now Grammarly is going to tell me that’s an unnecessary ellipsis. Grammarly, why don’t you love the ellipses? They are all unnecessary to you!)

Today is Tuesday, and I look forward to traditional Tuesday activities, through this sleepy haze I’m still trying to operate under.  That’s all I can think of, for now. Bai!

5 Replies to “This post was written by zombies”

  1. Grammatically, an ellipsis only should be used to indicate missing material or dialogue that trails off.

    In actual practice, it’s often used to indicate pauses in the middle of a sentence — a trailing off that is then continued, if you will. Grammarly will not understand this.


    1. There will be a time when I can hire folks like you (or, you know, just you) to edit my stuffs. The brains are better than the programming. ❤ Ooh, a new goal! Enough income to hire a copy editor before my Grammarly subscription runs out!


      1. 😀 My friends rate is fairly reasonable as these things go, but whether it’s a better deal than Grammarly depends on how much you’re writing.


      2. I’m going to write all the words. ALL of them. Over and over and over again. I know going with your editing talents is where I’m going to end up, so get ready!


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