Stolen time

My household, minus me, has the day off. That’s okay, because it should be a quiet day at the office due to the holiday. It does mean that I need to steal my laptop back from Elder Youth in order to make this post.

Yesterday was the start of Hermitcraft, season five. I am appropriately excited, and I let it interrupt my day as a result. However, I got quite a bit written, including coming up with another entry for A Brief History that had been stumping me.

I wrote 295 fiction words, and 620 total words.

I also did quite a bit of research on some stuff for the blog here, and on how I can use my Instagram account to my advantage. I have two – my personal one, but also one for IVEYbooks. I put most of my bullet journal stuff there, and I’m going to start adding some new ideas that have me kind of excited. I’ll probably end up cross posting some stuff here as well.

It’s going to be awesome.

Well, I said I’d return the computer in about twenty minutes, and my time is almost up. My mind is full of things I want to do, so I’m going to make note of them so this evening doesn’t end up a waste as Fridays so often do.


L is for Litter box – #AtoZChallenge

Greetings and salutations! Please enjoy this selection from A Brief History of Space Cats, and the Care and Feeding Thereof by Sarah Ever.  Written by the main character from Space Cats from Space, these entries form a resource for feline companions to help them ease the transition from cat “owner” to their true role as caretaker and, possibly, human slave. Please enjoy! Continue reading “L is for Litter box – #AtoZChallenge”