L is for Litter box – #AtoZChallenge

Greetings and salutations! Please enjoy this selection from A Brief History of Space Cats, and the Care and Feeding Thereof by Sarah Ever.  Written by the main character from Space Cats from Space, these entries form a resource for feline companions to help them ease the transition from cat “owner” to their true role as caretaker and, possibly, human slave. Please enjoy!

Litter box: a place for feline waste disposal, best when cleaned daily. More are required with multiple cat households.

Cat companions know this.

However, they can be much, much more.

Covered litter boxes are excellent places for felines to install monitors for communication with their commanding officers. No human will think twice about their cats visiting this installation, and as the screens often aren’t easily visible, they are often overlooked during litter cleaning.

Humans may find that litter box furniture have more instances of cat communication systems than covered boxes with plastic lids. With the ease of hiding a small projection device in a corner, it is very rare that these devices are stumbled upon.

Electronic litter boxes can cause some interference, occasionally activating during a conference, but this is more an inconvenience than anything else. While my brothers don’t actually have this at their disposal, I have heard stories.

However automatic litter boxes also have better reception, and some feline engineers have managed to create extensive functionality, turning their boxes into remote controls for a variety of things I never imagined a cat would need.

Roomba’s, for example. Very odd.

Litter boxes will also be a place for dust bathing when kept clean. Clyde specifically does this in our household. It’s a strange scent when it happens, but nothing more.

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