Focus needed

Greetings! Another Saturday, more laundry. Honestly, I never thought I’d be this disciplined with doing one chore on a certain day since my childhood when Saturday meant dusting and vacuuming the house.

Actually, we ate that way, too. Friday was homemade pizza, Saturday was stir-fry, Sunday was the leftover stir-fry. Something like that, anyway. I don’t remember exactly, which is a direct result of my advancement toward adulthood. (I’m 39. I refuse to go there completely yet.)

So! Like my pretty new header? I like featured images, and I want to have them for every entry. Since I don’t have themes for lots of my days (currently only Sunday, Monday, and the 1st of every month have a theme) I’m going to start with something small for most of the days. I’m working in my words there, too, so that’s fun.

On to today’s report (because I know you saw it up there, but I’m going over it again anyway!). I wrote 240 fiction words yesterday and 546 word total. I’m not disappointed with my word counts this week, but I am disappointed with the lack of progress on other projects I’ve meant to get to. I need to put my focus hat on to get some of these Grand Plans in motion.

Today feels better in that regard, compared to the rest of the days this week. So fingers crossed.

2 Replies to “Focus needed”

  1. It’s really hard to juggle multiple projects. If even one takes up more time and energy than expected (and don’t they all?), everything suffers. And if you spend time trying to figure out which one you should be working on … *sigh*

    Anyway, yay for word written and cool new header!


    1. Yeah. 🙂 As much as I love having a daily writing goal, I would probably get a heck of a lot more done if I just set it aside and focused on one project. Maybe “hours on publishing” is a good metric to use on those days when I need to be doing that. I’m going to take a bit of time to let that one soak in as a good idea, methinks.

      Thanks for the yay! 😀


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