Cement porch with brick pillar and whitewashed wood railings
It’s a porch!

My house is old. It needs repairs. But I still love it, especially my porch, and I can’t imagine why nearly all of my neighbors have replaced their wood railings with brick or iron. I think if I had the money I would ask a craftsman to come in and repair/replace my railing exactly as it is. Sure, the honeybees like making their home in it. Sure, it takes a beating from the sun and the highway in front of our house. I don’t care. I love my porch. Dirt and sawdust and all.


2 thoughts on “Porchy

  1. It is pretty.

    Someone posted on FB (Olivia, I think) about calling a local beekeeping association to relocate bees to safer, less populated areas where they’ll “bee” happier.


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