Working at the desk

I finally migrated from the sofa and the IKEA chair and wrote a bit at the desk last night. It was temporary, with the cord stretched across the room from its usual plug, but the writing still went well. I wrote several “W” entries in A Brief History, as well as “U”, now that I think about it, and goth both entries scheduled. So now there are just X, Y, and Z to finish, then I can start thinking about other things.

A somewhat cool and creepy thing happened yesterday involving a misspelling of my name, yelling at the person in my head, and an out-of-the-blue apology. That led to a discussion of amusing name misspellings, and the name of my next character. I’m still thinking about that 30 stories in 30 days challenge, and if I give it a crack I’ll be using that newborn character. I’m still working out his backstory, but I do have a couple of quirks lined up. (Such as nobody ever spells his name correctly.) Heh.

So because of the previously mentioned time at the desk, I cranked out 735 words of fiction and 1,163 total words yesterday. A pretty good deal. I was up late, but that happens. To get up at my preferred 5 a.m. time I really need to be in bed no later than 10:30, preferably 10, but when elder and junior youth don’t go to bed until 9 I find I don’t get in my writing headspace until after that. I can probably force the matter, it will just take practice.

I’m off to the next part of my morning, now, such as yelling at flying balls of fur and muscle to stop knocking my modem off the shelf. They’re about to get locked in the dining room if they’re not careful.

3 Replies to “Working at the desk”

  1. Hi from your pal,
    Jayme Domer
    Jaime Lighthat Donner
    Janice (not even close, but yup, really happened)

    And have you heard of my male cousin, Jenni? (J Lenni)

    At least John doesn’t get his first name spelled wrong. Though there was debate on the Steven/Stephen of his middle name.


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