Forced Practice

The tuning pin of an upright bass reflecting light from the lamp with bookshelves and clutter in the background
The Instrument

Oops, looks like my phone is just visible in this photo. Oh well. The assembly and construction of string instruments are really marvelous. The bridge stands only by the grace of the tension of the strings, not being otherwise fastened to the body. These pins spin a gear that pulls the strings tighter or allows them to loosen, all of which drastically change the sounds of the notes being played. It’s pretty amazing that someone thought, “Hey, what happens if I do this thing with this leftover horse tail hair?” Also interesting, how passionately some people feel about the music, and how ambivalent others are. I think I might like to learn to play the upright bass someday. Having already had training in piano and flute, as well as choir, in school, I have no doubt that I would catch on quickly. Whether I’d ever be good at it is another thing entirely. Then again, I don’t expect to be good, just entertaining.


One Reply to “Forced Practice”

  1. They are indeed. Though I heard once what some violin strings are made of and I cried, DO NOT LOOK YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW.
    I see you opening Google.
    Did you miss where I said I cried? Me.

    Let’s just go back to seeing your pic. Yes, that’s very pretty.


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