Getting ready for the day

Yesterday was Sunday, and as Sundays usually go, it was really productive from tip to toes.

I didn’t wake as early as I wanted, having stayed up until after midnight the day before, but once I did get up I was able to do some more work on the setup of my new bullet journal, make lunch for the youths, write some, play Minecraft on the family server with both kids, take a short nap, get two more letters for the A to Z posted, watch some YouTube, and get my graphics done for this morning’s post.

All of the things!

I even wrote a considerable amount, with 645 fiction words (and 1,026 words total) added to the A to Z challenge, which I am quite close to actually finishing. The X entry is giving me trouble, but I only need probably 250 more words to finish it up. Coming up with those words has been a challenge, though. You’ll see when it comes out.

And, since this week I’ve remembered that I post a weekly review on Mondays, here’s what last week looked like!

I’m pleased that I increased this week as much as I decreased last week. I’m also pleased that the weekly rank is still in the top 10. All in all, very good.

Next week I may have to come up with another section for hours edited because once I finish the A to Z, I’m not starting any new projects until I get Space Cats and A Brief History and that other thing I wrote up for sale.

There’s also this for last week:

Also, there’s this:

April fiction total: 14,783
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 55,191
002 Words: 7,802

While part of me is irritated that it’s taken me four months to write 50,000 words, the other part of me is happy that it’s not November and I’ve written 50,000+ words! So I’ll lean toward the happy part, and write more publishable words in May.

I’ll leave it there for now. It’s a busy morning, and there’s lots more to do. I managed to wake this morning at 5 a.m., thank goodness, so I’ve gotten some of it done, but there’s always more.

And as an end note, a friend is going through a particularly stressful time today, so if you have some positive thoughts, shove them my way and I’ll channel them in the right direction. Much thanks!

4 Replies to “Getting ready for the day”

  1. Ooh, lovely Sunday! And it looks like you’re on track for April to be your most productive month of the year thus far!

    All the good thoughts for all those who need them…


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