GTD: A to Z Challenge

I have done it. Five days before the end of the month I scheduled the last post for the A to Z Challenge.  That gives me a self-imposed six days to get Space Cats edited (first reader catches), polish up the cover, and get things ready for publishing.

Then I’d like to do some editing on A Brief History. See if there are any letters I missed. Get that ready as a separate ebook.

And at that point, once I have the three projects I’m working on wrapped up, I’ll start another writing project. So I’ll have several days with no writing, I think. Unless by some miracle something gets in my head I can’t shake. I really would like to keep my writing streak going, but I also don’t want yet another thing to do.

The whole thing offers a sense of urgency to the publishing bits so I can get back to the writing bits.

I used 117 fiction words to finish up the A to Z challenge and wrote a total of 579 words yesterday, along with spending 0.5 hours towards publishing. I expect today will go similarly, with fewer fiction words, as I don’t have a writing project right now.

We’ll see how it goes tomorrow!

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