The Day After

95 fiction words, 208 total words, 0 hours on publication

Yesterday was busy, but everything went off without a hitch (more or less). One of the things that was less was that my computer spent the entire hour I had available (and then some) in the morning on updates instead of letting me use it. Not too bad in the scheme of things.

We got a large stringed instrument dropped off at the appropriate place. I got Junior Youth to school on time. I left work early and got the same child from an after school activity. I got supper done and stopped by my writing group before an evening office-related engagement. After that, I made it back to my writing group for some detox, and then home at a reasonable time.

There wasn’t a lot of time for writing, though. I squeezed in blog posts and a few minutes of words before the end of the day: 95 fiction words, 208 total words. Nothing on publication, though. Maybe nothing tonight, either, as there is a concert to attend this evening.

Otherwise, today is normal. Hopefully.