Wallpaper with an ampersand design

I’m out tonight hanging with a friend and attempting to post on phone in munited amount of time. Having lots of fun and found a good pattern for today’s post. I hope you’re having a good start to your weekend, whomever you are!


Productive but currently useless

47 fiction words, 483 total words, 2 hours on publication

So yesterday I wrote a bit (47 fiction words, 483 total words), but what I really did was make a cover.

For a book I haven’t written yet.

Which is awesome, just frustrating.

I thought I was working on the cover for A Brief History. I looked at my stock photos to see if I had any distressed leather images (I didn’t), and found a desk with a book and a calico cat, instead. I thought, yeah, I was going to do something with that before this current idea. So I started working with the cat, making her look like a snapshot, then a ripped snapshot, and the desk with the book where I’d place the cover blurb, and it ended up awesome!

Except that’s not how I designed the interior. Very specifically, I designed the interior to go with an old, distressed book cover. And the interior wouldn’t go with the exterior I designed at all. So I have an awesome half-finished cover, but not for the book I’m trying to publish, so that’s a little irritating.

But I know what I want, and I just need to find (or create) an image or two to get it done. I can do that.

I get to hang out with a friend tonight, so my morning is rushed to get all the usual evening things done now. I may not get any fiction in (or I may stay up entirely too late after I get home doing it). That’s OK.

Have a great day, y’all!