The first thing to go

I am a perfectionist. I am particular, generally, about the way things appear. Especially things that I create. I care about appearances. I like being in control of those things. I like knowing how I want a thing to look, and being able to make it look that way.

But I swear, the first thing that’s going to go when I have the income to support it is doing my own covers and interiors. I’m going to get someone who does it professionally or train someone to do it to my standards. Either one – I’m not picky. It’s such a time suck.

Last night, I didn’t do anything toward publishing. I have to do the final layout portion of my cover still, and instead, I dug a hole in Minecraft. It’ll be a slime farm, so I dug a hole with purpose, but it was still a hole. It was fun, with a decent pickaxe. Then just before bed, I managed 372 fiction words (for a total of 670 total words). Those 372 words broke me out of that death spiral chapter I was stuck in (I hope) and can get me back on track.

I hope.

The rest of the day was fine, too. This morning everyone is sluggish except for me, who got the benefit of an alarming wake-up call in the form of a rocketing cat knocking things off the side table and using my hip as a launchpad. To where I do not know. But I am awake, so I’m grateful for that.

Good morning, Friday!

4 Replies to “The first thing to go”

  1. There’s a reason I’m getting professionals to do my covers for Boston Technowitch. 😉

    I’m also probably going to splurge on the update to Vellum — I love how easy they are to make e-books with, so I think using them for paperbacks, too, makes sense. Of course, they’re Mac only. (On the other hand, if I do it now, that would be annoying because I’ve already set the paperback look for the Technowitch series, and I’d either have to redo book 1 or be content with it looking different from the others, and neither’s too appealing.)

    And yay for Minecraft and words!


      1. For Windows, I hear people talking about Joomla, but it doesn’t sound like it’s as easy to implement.

        The biggest problem with Vellum is the price tag (Vellum 2.0 e-book & print license, unlimited use, runs $250). I believe that’s worth the time and effort saved, but it’s definitely an investment going in.


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