Another day without pub work

174 fiction words, 271 total words, 0 hours on publication

Okay, so I spent another day without publication work mainly because I didn’t have the right computer at hand. The other reason is that it doesn’t feel quite right yet, and so I thought a little space would be helpful. We’re going with that.

I wrote a bit: 174 fiction words (271 total words). Not a ton, but progress. (I seem to say that a lot.) Yesterday was laundry, relaxing, writing, reading. Photos of cute flowers. Some Minecraft.

I also watched The Dressmaker yesterday, which was amazing. I really enjoyed it, the storytelling was splendid, and Kate Winslett did a splendid job. I watched it for free with Amazon Prime, so if you have that you could do the same. Otherwise, it would be worth the rental, and it’s one I’ll probably purchase once it’s no longer available on Prime.

Y’okie, can you tell I’m distracted? It’s a perfect time to get some publishing done. Maybe I can get the A Brief History proof copy ordered. Small steps, Ellie.