The prisoner

Long-haired tabby cat lying on his back on the carpet
Sir Fluffy McFlufferson

This is the poor soul dealing with cat mats. He’s also the one that managed to get stuck for the entire day in a closet. And not just any closet, the one with access under the bathtub, and thus to the crawlspace between the second floor and first. We’ve now had discussions on kitty headcounts and mealtimes. When one doesn’t show, it’s time to start hunting him down. We have several closets, and like magic, the furry brothers manage to get caught in them, no matter how careful we are. He seems to be fine now, though he was a bit dirty and quite hungry and thirsty at first. He’ll be skittish for a while, but we’ll sneak in calming love and attention as we can. Then, back to the mats.


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