Income & Expenses: May!

Greetings and salutations! Another month of the year has passed, and there are things to talk about. As I may have mentioned in my May review, the month was slow where writing is concerned. I did get a bit published, and I did make some sales, but writing is like farming. You reap tomorrow what you sow today. Since I made very little writing progress, I’m afraid there will be an income gap in coming months. We’ll deal with that as we get on, though, so here’s how the month went.


I spent a bit on proof copies this month; three for Space Cats from Space at both CreateSpace and Barnes & Noble, and one for A Brief History at CreateSpace. I don’t think I will need more than one in the future, and I will be able to eliminate that if I print a copy out that I think is finished so I can find all the printing errors quickly. It would certainly be cheaper to spend money on photocopies than proof copies, and faster at that.

I also spent some on gifts for first readers/proofers of Space Cats. I purchased each a copy of the book on the front end, not proof copies (it didn’t seem right, either on the CreateSpace end or the gift end).

And the final expense was for a PO Box that doesn’t get used. I leased it for Ivey Books to anchor a newsletter, and in the hopes that I would get mail. I haven’t gotten a newsletter going, and I certainly don’t get more than junk mail for the previous post office box lessee. I have it again for a year, which gives me until next June to either get the newsletter, start receiving mail, or find another purposeful use for it.

Proof Copies – $30
Gifts – $21
PO Box – $60


I have books up for sale and I have made print sales (although no ebook sales, unfortunately), but I have not yet been paid, so I can’t count it as income yet. Yes, as mentioned, some of the income is for books I purchased, but in May six books were sold. I’m so excited to be able to post that as a positive!

Income – $0

Sums Up

I applied myself well in publishing, I think. Getting a book up is nothing to sneeze at. I certainly could have gotten another done, but my writing likely would have suffered more. Financially, I need to work on polishing my work better so only one proof is necessary – that would have saved some money. And I likely need to work harder on marketing so that more sales occur. There is some balance to work out still, and hopefully, I manage it before falling over.

Wish me luck!


Baby Strawberry?

Green weeds with a small speck of red in the center.
Green weeds with a small speck of red in the center.
Weeds and Things

There’s a variety of weeds here, although I suspect the thing that looks like it has a gray/violet stem with small, plastic-looking green leaves is actually one of those things people plant to cover the ground so they don’t have to mow/weed. But in the center there’s a bit of bright red, nearing it’s time to emerge into whatever. Wild strawberries, maybe? They’re all over our yard, along with the occasional mushroom and tree. Which reminds me, it’s time to go kill the baby trees trying to grow in places that will cause damage to the house. Maybe around 11.


356 fiction words, 544 total words

We have two sets of markers that my husband used when in school for graphic design (billboards and such), and they’re still in perfect shape despite being at least 20 years old. Sometimes you pay for quality and get it. Also, Staedtler makes a gorgeous marker, in fine and brush tips.

I wrote more fiction words yesterday than I wrote blog words – 356 fiction words, 544 total words. That’s a good feeling, especially since I basically checked out while doing laundry and simply consumed Downton Abbey.

Today I’m consuming about 12 hours of Hermitcraft (Minecraft), and hope to get lots of fiction words while watching other people play video games on my TV. There’s a couple hours where I’ll probably run out and get some errands done, too, because the streams don’t play well except on my phone. Well, anyway, that’s today’s plan.

I’m off for more coffee!