Baby Strawberry?

Green weeds with a small speck of red in the center.

Weeds and Things

There’s a variety of weeds here, although I suspect the thing that looks like it has a gray/violet stem with small, plastic-looking green leaves is actually one of those things people plant to cover the ground so they don’t have to mow/weed. But in the center there’s a bit of bright red, nearing it’s time to emerge into whatever. Wild strawberries, maybe? They’re all over our yard, along with the occasional mushroom and tree. Which reminds me, it’s time to go kill the baby trees trying to grow in places that will cause damage to the house. Maybe around 11.


One thought on “Baby Strawberry?

  1. Yes, we have lots of wild strawberries in our lawn, too. (Which might be related to the number of lawn service guys who knock on our door and want to give me a quote for getting rid of weeds, etc.) My daughter likes to pick them, rinse them, sugar them, and eat them. (I don’t think they have much flavor, really; they’re just a vehicle for the sugar.)


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