We have two sets of markers that my husband used when in school for graphic design (billboards and such), and they’re still in perfect shape despite being at least 20 years old. Sometimes you pay for quality and get it. Also, Staedtler makes a gorgeous marker, in fine and brush tips.

I wrote more fiction words yesterday than I wrote blog words – 356 fiction words, 544 total words. That’s a good feeling, especially since I basically checked out while doing laundry and simply consumed Downton Abbey.

Today I’m consuming about 12 hours of Hermitcraft (Minecraft), and hope to get lots of fiction words while watching other people play video games on my TV. There’s a couple hours where I’ll probably run out and get some errands done, too, because the streams don’t play well except on my phone. Well, anyway, that’s today’s plan.

I’m off for more coffee!