Shadow’s Awesome (especially on Mondays)

Another Youth-contributed post title for today.

Yay, it’s Monday! I’m probably only excited because I got like eight hours of sleep last night – or at least eight hours in bed. It was lovely, although I still wish I’d hauled my butt out of bed at five like I planned. Oh well!

I wrote quite a bit yesterday! 1,053 fiction words and 1,759 total words. It ended up being more fiction words than blog words, which is the correct balance for me. I also realized yesterday that I’ve never had a week this year with more than 10,000 words. That’s going to have to be this week’s goal.

So even with all the Minecraft and Downton Abbey, I still managed words. Maybe they stink, but I’m going to worry about that later. I’m not terrific at one-draft writing yet, and at this point, I’m really going to just go with it and get it out there and repeat the process. Wash, rinse, repeat, as it’s said.

Week 23's Statblock

So even though this wasn’t close to a 10K week, it was certainly better than the week before, and better than about half the weeks so far. I just realized we’re coming up fast on the midpoint of the year. Gleep.

My average daily fiction word count has fallen to 438. This is one of those things I remember clearly from school. I was never good at starting things out on strong notes, and then I had to scramble furiously to try to bring my average up. I was a B+/C- student, so it never quite worked. At this point, I’m not sure what I’d need to bring the average up to 1,000 or more. That was math that didn’t come naturally to me, and I’m not sure how to go about calculating it without stabbing numbers into spreadsheet cells to see what happens.

June fiction total: 1,639
May fiction total:
April fiction total: 
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 63,968

I think it would be nice not only if I could make this week a 10K week, but this month a 30K+ month. I haven’t yet had one of those, either. June is a good month for such things, I think. Don’t you?

2 Replies to “Shadow’s Awesome (especially on Mondays)”

  1. Okay, math. If you want to end the year with an average of 1,000 words per day, that’s 365,000 words total. So far, we’ve had 155 days of the year, which leaves 210 to go.

    (155)(438) + (210)x = 365,000
    67,890 + 210x = 365,000
    210x = 365,000 – 67,890 = 297,110
    x = 297,110/210 = 1,415 words/day for the rest of the year

    Which makes sense. You need the 1,000 words/day of your goal, plus enough extra to bring the days we’ve had up to that level.

    Hooray for yesterday’s words! Good luck with both the week and the month goal!

    (And that post title really deserves to be a story title. Just sayin’.)


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