In a rush

Good morning! A quick entry today because I woke up not at the very last moment, but only a half hour before it. My usual morning routine stretches out over two and a half hours, so I’m cramming in as much as I can.

Yesterday went well. I’m enjoying the Youths cut-off time for electronics of 6 p.m. because I get my computer back. I can get the goofing off done before bedtime, and then I have the quiet hours to focus on writing words while watching YouTube. (Oops.)

But it worked, because I got 804 fiction words and 1,150 total words. I haven’t had a 10K week yet this year, and I don’t think this week will be it, but it’s certainly a better week so far than my recent record.

Well, I have a couple more things to churn out, so I’m off. Good luck on your Friday!