Old Stuff

The top portion of a bowling trophy, bookcases and a cat tree in a background
The top portion of a bowling trophy, bookcases and a cat tree in a background
Bowling, etc

I had a box of things packed from my last year of high school and my first year of college that made its way to my house from my parent’s never ending stash of stuff. I went through it this evening, and out of the (probably) three cubic feet of crap, I kept four things. One is a greeting card I’d like to show my writer friends. One is an autograph book I want to take a close look through. One is a high school graduation photo presented to me by a local bank. And the final item is a folding fan given to me by, I think, by my grandfather. It’s not a lot of stuff, but most of the stuff I had in the box carried bad memories. So when you think of it, really, it’s a win.


An uptick, but a slow one

DAILY: 472 fiction words, 650 total words

Some progress is better than no progress any day of the week.

DAILY: 472 fiction words, 650 total words

Yesterday was full of laundry and not much writing since I planned poorly and forgot to bring the writing computer when I brought a Youth as well. I made up for it in the evening, but not enough to make it a 10K week. I knew that was coming, so the blow was lessened, at least.

Overall the week was a win. I increased words over the previous week, and my week was ranked in the single digits. Now that we’re approaching the halfway point of the year, this becomes more impressive.

June fiction total: 5,403
May fiction total: 
April fiction total: 
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 67,732

I’m pleased that June has almost surpassed May’s words. I’m going to hit that this week, I’m sure, and that will begin washing the bad taste out of my brain.

My Google Sheets says my average words per day are hitting 180, but my calculations are also off (it’s actually 491). I’ll have to look into how I can make Sheets realize how many days have passed and then divide my total by that number instead of the total days of the month. I may just need to change the number manually, which is no fun, but certainly easier.

I’m off for the day. Apologies for the brevity, but I have things to get done.

Happy Monday to all!