Aliens with friends

The words are low to report because yesterday I went to my third movie in five days (a new personal record, actually). I saw Aliens: Covenant with some of our Tuesday writing group, and it was pretty good. I’m glad I saw it in theaters. I’m angry about Walter. And because Tuesdays at Wegmans are great for friends but lousy for writing, I got very few words in before it was time for bed.

101 fiction words, 286 total words

The day was fun, so I’m glad of that. Today’s another one, with the promise of steady work at the office to leave me feeling productive without being bored.

2 Replies to “Aliens with friends”

    1. I actually went and spent some time reading theories and breakdowns of the film now that we’ve seen it. Apparently there will be more (two more?) Ridley Scott Aliens films that will answer some of the Walter/David questions, along with “How in the hell did those people get to a planet with David’s aliens, anyway?” I’m excited. 🙂


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