Another early morning

224 fiction words, 578 total words

Since I’ll be out of town Friday night through Sunday, I’m trying to cram a lot of preparation into the cracks of my days. A few minutes here can update the toll pass thing so I don’t have to pay cash for driving on toll roads. A few minutes there can help me feel like I won’t miss being on the computer for three days.

Yesterday I kicked some ass at the office because even though I won’t be missing any time there, I feel like I have to get as caught up as possible before Friday. There’s also the hope I can get a bit of an earlier start, if only to try to avoid the worst of driving into the sun. I just realized that yesterday. It’s going to stink.

224 fiction words, 578 total words

I feel caught in a lull. I need to work hard to snap out of it.

Tonight should be fun with friends, a few more preparatory purchases for the drive, and another early night. I’m looking forward to it!