Stupid Check Engine light

220 fiction words, 471 total words

I was driving home last night and my Check Engine light came on. Normally I would ignore it for a few days, see what happens. But I’m taking a trip  in a few days, and to continue on as I usually do seems negligent. So I have an appointment for early tomorrow to get it looked at. I dearly hope it’s a quick fix, but if it isn’t, I’ll be missing some time at the day job. Unfortunate, but I’m making this trip, and this car will be as safe as I can make it, damn it.

220 fiction words, 471 total words

I managed to write at our writing group thing! Not much, though, because there was much excitement in the return of a friend we hadn’t seen in more than a year. I stayed later so I could catch up with another friend, bought a few catch-up groceries, but still made it to bed in decent time.

Today will be more trip prep. Maybe some make-up time at the office for the time I’ll probably miss tomorrow (if my work load deems it appropriate). Some writing – hopefully more than minimal numbers.