Stupider Check Engine light

So Tuesday night, the Check Engine light came on. “Oh, noes!” says Nicki. “Must call for service of Spot!”

Get car appointment for Thursday morning early. Warn everyone I will be late to work, because coworker is on vacation, and yesh.

Wednesday, Check Engine light goes out.


But I took it in anyway, and it turns out there’s A History, and that gave them a code that said it’s an emissions issue, won’t affect the driving of the car, and can wait until December.


That was today. Along with packing for tomorrow, and otherwise mentally preparing for driving long distances

Yesterday I wrote, and I did a better than usual job.

447 fiction words, 685 total words

I’m pretty pleased with that. I would have done this all this morning, except I needed to get to the shop, and wanted to drive around to see if my check engine light could be coaxed back into the “on” position. (It couldn’t.) And I was going to write at the shop, I even had my computer there (which reminds me, I need to decide if that’s coming with me), but I wasn’t there long enough.

Okay, I can’t spend all night on the PC. I’ll be back in the morning to report on today, even though I really sort of did already report on today, but hey! Rhymes!


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