Good Intentions…

In this case, they’re worth the paper they’re written on.

That would be nothing, if it’s not clear.

I wasted away another evening watching Minecraft instead of writing. Actually, I did get something of value done. A relocated NaNoWriMo participant was looking for input on last year’s novel, so I started reading. I only made it a few pages in, though I spent what felt like a couple hours on it. That’s the way it goes for me.

24 fiction words, 195 total words

Those were token words, I think. Even the blog words were weak yesterday.

It feels so good to write in large chunks. Things are so cohesive. They fit together so much better. I’m glad I recognize that because I don’t want to fear writing in large batches of 1,000+ words. In fact, I long to see how stringing together those batches in groups of three or four will feel.

There will be a day, in a few weeks, when I will have that time. I will remove myself from my usual writing location and settle down at a desk. Perhaps outside for a bit. Take a timer, make a schedule, and write. Then go for a walk, get a drink, use the restroom, and try it again.

It’s going to be lovely.


3 thoughts on “Good Intentions…

    • I wish 24 words *felt* better than zero! It’s probably the knowledge that I could have done better if I’d had more self-control.


      • Aw, hugs. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Can’t change yesterday, just deal with today and plan for tomorrow.

        I realized a bit ago that I’m basically taking the month off. No new words yet this week! (Though I’m about to open the novella to add a new scene or two to make it work better, so, maybe today.)


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