Catching up on things

206 words

I’ve decided when I go on Vacation I need a new header.

I didn’t get a chance to do much writing while I was gone. I forgot the writing computer so I was restricted to my phone (which actually is capable of all the writing things I like to do), and I didn’t have a lot of time because it’s a 12-hour drive and I drove every mile.

I didn’t have a lot of time for things like emails and texts, either.

I did make time for photos, though. I’ll go through and post some photos tomorrow.

206 words

Those are Friday and Saturday words, such as they are. A little bit of fiction in there from Friday, and then I went and counted the photo posts that I did each day (because they’re quick and easy, and I took lots of photos).

I have more Real Life stuff for this evening, and tomorrow will be helping to move family again. It’ll be good, and hopefully quick, because I also ought to show my face at my office as well.

Cheers! It’s good to be back.



Blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and tree leaves
Blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and tree leaves

Technically not home, but within 20 minutes of home which, after 1400 miles, counts.

Today’s the day

130 fiction words, 396 total words

I’m nervous and excited and anxious to just get on with it. Traveling is fun, and driving long distances by myself isn’t something I often get to do. It’ll be a hard weekend (driving 700 miles one direction to flip around and do the same drive back the next day), but who cares! I’ll rest when I return.

130 fiction words, 396 total words

Something I forgot to mention yesterday is that I got paid! I mean, not a ton, but I was quite excited. (Paid from my writing, to be clear.) So I’ll finally have some income to report at the end of the month. *squee*

There’s nothing else to say. I reported most of yesterday last night, then wrote those few words up there while watching a movie (should have focused on writing). Tonight, I drive.



A large, long-haired tabby cat lying on pink sheets
A large, long-haired tabby cat lying on pink sheets
The Fluffs

Two of my cats have taken to visiting me in the mornings before and after my ablutions. Static is usually first, but Fluffy is next and stays the longest. This is his photo from this morning. That is all.

Stupider Check Engine light

447 fiction words, 685 total words

So Tuesday night, the Check Engine light came on. “Oh, noes!” says Nicki. “Must call for service of Spot!”

Get car appointment for Thursday morning early. Warn everyone I will be late to work, because coworker is on vacation, and yesh.

Wednesday, Check Engine light goes out.


But I took it in anyway, and it turns out there’s A History, and that gave them a code that said it’s an emissions issue, won’t affect the driving of the car, and can wait until December.


That was today. Along with packing for tomorrow, and otherwise mentally preparing for driving long distances

Yesterday I wrote, and I did a better than usual job.

447 fiction words, 685 total words

I’m pretty pleased with that. I would have done this all this morning, except I needed to get to the shop, and wanted to drive around to see if my check engine light could be coaxed back into the “on” position. (It couldn’t.) And I was going to write at the shop, I even had my computer there (which reminds me, I need to decide if that’s coming with me), but I wasn’t there long enough.

Okay, I can’t spend all night on the PC. I’ll be back in the morning to report on today, even though I really sort of did already report on today, but hey! Rhymes!

Green Again

Recently cut grass sprinkled through with clover
Recently cut grass sprinkled through with clover

Is it a wall or is it the ground? It’s actually just my yard. This is the equivalent of “I don’t know what else to take a picture of without standing up from my super comfy seat” on the way into the house in the evening.

Stupid Check Engine light

220 fiction words, 471 total words

I was driving home last night and my Check Engine light came on. Normally I would ignore it for a few days, see what happens. But I’m taking a trip  in a few days, and to continue on as I usually do seems negligent. So I have an appointment for early tomorrow to get it looked at. I dearly hope it’s a quick fix, but if it isn’t, I’ll be missing some time at the day job. Unfortunate, but I’m making this trip, and this car will be as safe as I can make it, damn it.

220 fiction words, 471 total words

I managed to write at our writing group thing! Not much, though, because there was much excitement in the return of a friend we hadn’t seen in more than a year. I stayed later so I could catch up with another friend, bought a few catch-up groceries, but still made it to bed in decent time.

Today will be more trip prep. Maybe some make-up time at the office for the time I’ll probably miss tomorrow (if my work load deems it appropriate). Some writing – hopefully more than minimal numbers.

Cross-eyed Cat

A brown tabby cat peering down at the camera, eyes focused on his nose
A brown tabby cat peering down at the camera, eyes focused on his nose

All four of my cats have really distinctive features. Shadow is as dark as his namesake with tufts of grey. Fluffy is large with gorgeously long hair. Shybutts has stark, distinct markings. And Static…well, his best feature isn’t his fur (short, tiny stripes on his side), but his eyes. They’re almost crossed. Not severely, but enough that every time I look at him, there’s just something strange about his head shot. Still adorable, just off.